The Other Face Of The Moon.

5:52 PM



 I've always loved the night,  I loved sitting in the darkness under the moon light and dancing stars. Every star has her own story to tell, and then my favorite part comes. The moon collect all those stories and memories and retell them to us. Time passes by and I started hating the night, it reminds me of all these beautiful times and memories, they all went and never coming back again.

    Now every time I look at the moon  I'm the one who complain about what have the closet people done to us. The stars feel sorry for me but the moon keep listening carefully. I know that there is a lot of people that have been through this but we, humans don't get it until it happens to us. All those days I kept looking at the stars not really knowing what they held. I then knew that the moon has another side, another face that I heard a lot about but I haven't seen until now.  A face full of doubts and worries, cold and depressed and every time I take a look it gets darker and darker, there is no more lights, take another closer look and there it is the other face. More stories I have never heard, crying and sad ones! I never though they even existed. And now I want to ge back to where I was, I want to get out of this side of the moon that hurts so much.

this was in Arabic from an instagram page @mouna_books. I translated it and added some words to it. 

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  1. Great way to present the perception and ideas of the other side of moon people and relate it to life.

  2. omg i'm crying right now T_T don't worry our great days are coming

  3. Very poetic in many ways and nostalgic. Really takes me back nights when i would look at the moon and wonder the same things you mentioned. Great read

  4. Moon is fascinating. I love going out at night and look onto the stars, amost like meditation for me, do it often before going to sleep.

  5. you are an amazing writer! beautiful

  6. Wow, amazing words u play, i love it