When you're not feeling it, make a list.

8:59 AM

It comes days when you don't even know yourself and it really suck as hell. So today i can definitely say is one of these days (you know that visitor that come ones a month! Ha girls). I decided to write it out because that's what makes me feel better writing! I made a list of I honestly don't have any idea what we can name it.

Here it is! And tell me if you struggle with this kind of days too, or an advice to help me get through it.
I can't breath properly.
I'm feeling anxious and stressed about nothing.
I scream a lot at things that don't matter.
I have the desire to cry.
I stopped taking care of my baby (my blog) and I'm angry at myself.
I haven't done anything good all day.
I haven't made something to progress.
I'm laying in bed while writing.
I'm Not feeling better and i'm not sick.
Youtube videos aren't helping me to chill.
My mind can't stop from spreading thoughts .
I'm scared if the bad things that happened in the past are going to happen again (i'm not talking about mistakes) .
I want to sleep but i don't want to.
I need to study but i didn't move a pen.
I haven't eaten anything healthy.

What a great way to start May!

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  1. I use lists and lists for what I have to do or just to download the energy (positive or negative) accumulated.
    It helps!

  2. I love to create lists of everything in my life. It's like a realise from your thinking, you can just drop the tasks in your mind if you write it down.


  3. It's amazing how something as simple as a list can help with just about anything in life. I have created so many lists in my life that I've lost count... I have to have paper and a writing utensil with me at all times otherwise I feel lost : )

  4. For me, the best way to focus is to calm down and write my extra ideas down. When i do this I don't worry so much about forgetting the great idea I had, and I can focus on whatever it is I'm doing.

  5. A few on my list today? The sun was shining and it felt nice on my face. Our two dogs were perfect loose-leash walkers for (most) of our walk. A forehead kiss from my husband. A thank-you text from my son

  6. I actually never thought of this. I have these moments sometimes and never really know how to get out of the funk. Will have to give this a try! Thank your for sharing :)

  7. This is good advice. I've never thought to make a list of my 'feels'. I really should document it to see if I've made any changes throughout the years that have made me feel happier and less anxious.

  8. My list is almost always:
    1. I get anxious about things that haven't happened yet
    2. I get paranoid and suspicious that bad things that have happened will happen again
    3. I get exhausted by the stress these thoughts are giving me and just go and meditate :)

  9. Thanks so much for sharing because this sums up how I feel today too! Got lots to do, haven't done any of it. Exams very soon, very unprepared ahh! We can do this :)

  10. I have had days like this for sure. Actually, today started off much like this. I seemed to be stressed for stressed sake and sad and then I ate chocolate at 10am and started the day again!

  11. I love making lists, they just make everything so clear and easy to understand and get done

  12. I have had all of these feelings, not all at once but someday or the other. And what i analyzed is that it happens when the world around us doesn't seem to work or think like us. Do some meditation daily. It will definitely help you.

  13. Making lists is a great suggestion. You never know how much organizing your thoughts help.. until you actually do.

  14. I like the advice. I am a huge fan of writing in general when you are feeling down or stressed.