A Better Version Of Yourself.

3:46 PM

 When you don't have anything in your life that genuinely makes you feel happy. When you are afraid of change because you think you know who you are but you really don't know who you are but deep down you know that you don't know who you are and that's terrifying. When you hide behind that mask that you made and the reason why is that you think a lot about what people think of you and how they feel about you, but inside there's somebody screaming who just wants to be herself and feel free.

 Don't ever be afraid of change, everyone changes through the years and become a better person or worst. If you are struggling at any moment and you can't hold on, then let it be, let the pain come and welcome it because if you don't, pain will knock on your door harder and harder so you better open the door for it. Cry when you need to, stay in bed all day, be depressed and the most of all know that you gonna change after that! You will be another person, you should not be afraid of what you will become. Get out to this world with your whole confidence like you have not been in a breakdown. You are living a life that is going to have an end, and you know it. Live for yourself don't care about others opinion on the way you talk, laugh, walk, dance, eat, sleep, cry just fucking do the thing that you want. Let everything go from your left to your right ear and listen to your heart, of course you are going to regret things but that what makes you human. Life isn't easy and it's not hard. Know what you're doing or maybe just go with it. 

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  1. Such beautiful inspiration for anyone feeling stuck, sad or just needing a change. Just go for it

  2. Changes is such an important part of life, yet many people are afraid of them. Everyone tries to play on "familiar territory". But people who embrace the changes are so interesting...