A Lot Of Thoughts.

8:03 PM

I'm trying to breath it out but i can't
My chest is full and the night just began
Only tears are making there way down
Breath in, breath out
And please when you breath  let the pain comes out

But that's not happening what's now?
Is there any way to turn off the obsession compulsive at night?
Because i can't take what my mind is telling me now
It keeps messing with me like how?
i wish i could take them out
But it's not in my control
Nothing is between my hands anymore
One, two, three, four
The thoughts are back telling me more
You simply can't stop them It's out of your control
I'm sorry,
You couldn't understand and you won't understand
And that's because you will never feel what i'm feeling now.
I'm trying to breath it out but it seems like there is no way out.

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  1. Today at yoga class our instructor really emphasized the power of our breath. When the world is chaotic .. to find the stillness in our souls and always come back to our breath. It will always calm us .. if we allow it to

  2. There's always a way out. The tricky part sometimes is to find it within the nothingness.

  3. it's true... the best poems comes at night and while in trouble

  4. I also have nights when it looks like I cannot just stop thinking and rest. I found out that this gets sorted when I start watching some movie that is interesting or video on youtube.

    1. I think i should try this one! maybe it can help me too. thank you!

  5. Very intense poetry. The inability to stop your mind from running is a difficult thing indeed.

  6. Thank you for sharing a peak inside the mind of a person with anxiety.

    1. You just understood the whole meaning of my poem! much love.

  7. That poem is very intense indeed! I often take a bubble bath at night with essential oils and then read a book in bed. Calms me down and I sleep like a baby :)

  8. Sometimes I find it hard to breathe as well especially when I am feeling panicked or out of my comfort zone. Beautifully put x

  9. Very deep - and very relatable! Thank you for sharing!

    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca/

  10. Such deep thoughtful words from the heart. Keep doing what you love!

  11. Great poem, very deep and interesting. Its great to use your blog as an outlet (:


  12. yeah sometimes it hurts like hell , great poem honey ! <3