Toxic People.

9:25 PM

getting away from toxic people

It all started out like a good thing.
Friendship family and you are happy.
Just the thought of it perfect no wories just take it.
But no, it's up side down.
Like smoke and drugs,
They are not the right people.

They are not like my blank sheet of papers.

They made my ocd go insane.
They took what i never had
Toxic that's what they are.
Toxic I finally realised.

They took away some bad things.

And I do appreciate the little things.

But, there was no happy tears.

And I was Nowhere of getting better.
And I am not blaming any others.
But I'm still facing that fear.

The fear of being yourself.

But I finally realised it.
Toxic that's what they made me feel.
Toxic that's what I was.

Between toxic people.

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  1. Toxic people are sometimes the hardest to get away from. Just remember that you are what is important and if they hurt you once they will always hurt you in some way.

    1. Yeah it's so hard to get away from them, but as soon as you learn you never come back to those people! thanks for reminding me that i'm the one who's important in my life

  2. Very insightful and beautiful.

  3. Time is a very valuable resource--you only have so much of it, and it's important not to waste it on people who make you feel worse instead of better. And I think that's the true measure of a friend: do they make you feel better when you are with them? Do they make your problems seem a little bit smaller? Or do they make you feel bad simply because you have a problem...and they would NEVER struggle with something like this? If you feel worse every time you are with them--don't waste your very valuable time with them. Time is your most expensive commodity, because once it is spent, you can't get it back :)

    1. They do make me feel better but i dom't feel myself around them and i think that's important than anything! thanks for these advices! love

  4. And BTW--your poem is beautiful and very thought-provoking :)

  5. Lovely..
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Great poem, thank you for sharing

  7. Great writing! Keep going :)

  8. Beautifully said. I hope your heart is full again soon.

  9. I hope you can turn the Toxic feeling around.

  10. It's always a blessing to recognize people that make you feel like this, then be able to get them out of your life. Keep your chin up!

  11. WOW I can totally feel what you are saying. I have had to deal with many toxic people in my life and am now just finally realizing that I have the right to say NO and take care of me!

    1. You should make new friends whom you feel yourself with them. That's what I did and that wasn't easy but yeah good luck!!