Random Poems. (It's time to heal ourselves)

3:00 PM

Hello everyone, so i've been writing a lot lately but i have this issue that i can't finish my poems. It's been a while since i posted a poetry in my blog, so i decided to put some random poems that i have been wrting. Some of them are not finished, i will  probably finish them later in life.

 Let's get real we all run from reality like smoking a weed.
Hiding under that bed sheet to get what we believed.
Toss and turn around to find what you want here, trust me you won't bleed.
Use your imagination don't you dare hold back the fear.
Right just dream.
But when the sun light comes, that thing that calls dream ends.

                               2.Normal life 
That stupid power that you can't get over, I want to die I can't even lie.
Little thing calls life, it's getting lower and lower.
Fighting over something I don't want.
I'm sorry i just can't help.
Thinking about future, I'm only a teen.
I supposed to be living, not existing.
Life should be a gift, not a shit.
Miles away from the people that we love, just let lay wake hoping they're dpoing fine.

                                                3.No title
Late night tears, no one can feel.
Hold up the fear of not being me.
The best time to write is when you can't sleep.
Please take me somewhere where I could sing or swear.
Where am i going with my life, I have no more lights.
That negativity is getting all of me, I really need to be free.
Not from people, it is a war between me within me.
Let me finish it before my mind get into anothey heigh.
Can't figure out what i'm talking about yet, just let me put it as I like.
Many scars are covered up, all of then are in mind.
I guess it's time for me to make scenarios about life.

Life goes on, doesn't it? you are the only person who healed himself.
All the hurts and regrets, it blows.
After some years you'll be fine.
This times don't pass like a show.
Old friend, it's not a lie.
They say just go with it, feel empty.
No i won't, i no longer know what's the meaning of life.
Walking on my tip toes.
Social anxiety is the only lie but why?.
I have no idea but to try.

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  1. Love your poems! I'm not sure life was supposed to be a gift, who said that?

  2. I love poems, and I love the way you convey your thoughts in your poetry. I love how poetry is an art form that can be used to highlight literally any emotion!

  3. great poems! hope you can finish them! i like the last one.

  4. My favorite is the last one!