Promises To Make For 2017.

4:14 PM

1.Let go of what is out of your control.
really let go, don't just say that you will, learn the lesson. Forgive the past and move on.

2.Be true to yourself.
Not by striving to be different from everyone else, but by striving to be your true self. Some things about you will be similar to others, and that's fine. Some things about you will be different from others and that's fine too. It is the combination of everything that makes you unique.

3.Continue to give.
despite the number of times you've been let down, continue to give. It's healing for your soul because it stops you from being self centred and selfish. You may give your time, love, attention, trust...
The point is, don't force yourself out of your nature just because you;ve been let down. Nurture your nature to become the best version of yourself. You live for yourself. Not anyone else.

4.Don't delay the pain by avoiding risks, the sooner you feel it, the stronger you become.
you've been hurt? great. That makes you stronger. A forest grows stronger after it's burnt down because it nurtures itself from its remnants. No growth happens without struggle and hardship. If you haven't been through something that shattered your soul yet, you will. Don't delay the pain by avoiding risks, the sooner you feel it, the stronger you become.

5.Love everyone around you.
Unconditionally. Yes, unconditionally. We all need love, the ones who need it the most are the ones who express it least. So don't punish a person for being unkind or selfish by taking your kindness and way. It's what they need. Will taking it away help them? No. It doesn't mean or inability to reciprocate goodness is a reflection of them. Not you.

6.Own your story.
We each have a story. Just because someone belittles your pain or says it's illegitimate, it doesn't mean it's true. Be your own judge before you allow others to give the verdict. It's your life and your life alone. Take ownership. Understand your pain and why it happened or continue to happen. That awareness allows you to master yourself.

To everything around you, not just words, not just friends and family. Listen to the world.
Observe, wonder. Allow your mind to the sail in the ocean of curiosity and marvel at the simplest things. that humbles you.

8.Smile as much as you can.
Cry when you feel the urge to cry. Laugh often. Eat well. Rest well. Work hard but take a break before you burn out. Be inentional with the rest you give yourself. It's okay to give your body time to recharge.

-I Give all credits to the amazing author Najwa Zebian.

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  1. Faithy, Is there a way for us to follow this blog? ☺

    1. thanks for asking, i finally made one! hope you like my blog

  2. A great list for 2017. I love number 4, it applies to me a lot. I'm hoping to be able to achieve it this year.

    1. work hard and you'll achieve it! thanks for the follow.

  3. One my boss's biggest pet peeves is when his workers frown. It's funny because we sign up and he says we are required to smile which means when I work I work to have fun with customers which means I work in life to make everyone smile including myself. Great post !

  4. Great list! Love everything you wrote, especially number 1 and 3!

  5. I'll take all of your promises as advises for me, your list is just great. I love your blog, glad I've discovered it.

  6. Continue to give is no 1 on my list! Love it!!